Deep journalism in a time of scarcity

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Deep journalism in a time of scarcity

We can almost always be doing a better job of producing deep, issue-based reporting and engaging audiences in our work. But how can we achieve that with stretched resources? Ambitious projects in Canada and elsewhere are forging creative ways of doing impact-driven journalism by collaborating in a deeper way with audiences, organizations, funders and media outlets. Panelists will discuss how these projects succeeded or stumbled.#CAJ15deep

    How can journalists and media outlets collaborate to pool resources and do more ambitious journalism? Contribute your insights and experience during Erin Millar's session "Deep Journalism in a Time of Scarcity" at 3pm. She will be asking those in the room to put their brains together to explore four questions:
    1) How can media outlets collaborate with each other?
    2) How can we foster healthy funding partnerships to generate more revenue?
    3) How can we engage communities in a deeper way?
    4) How can journalists collaborate with sources of research?

    For background, check out "The Case for Collaboration", a conversation starter written by Erin to spark discussion.

    Can't make the session? Find Erin at the gala dinner or reach out at or @erinmillar
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