Make it happen, now, with Scribblelive

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Make it happen, now, with Scribblelive

Kim Fox, VP of content at ScribbleLiveThis will be a hands-on workshop, all about ScribbleLive, the live-blogging tool that is redefining how newsrooms around the world cover live events on their digital platforms. If you've ever followed an event live online as it's happening, chances are the website was using ScribbleLive to do it. This is a BYOD (bring your own device) session.

  • Kim Fox, VP of content at ScribbleLive

    In 2010, The Seattle Times won the breaking news Pulitzer for more traditional breaking news coverage. Last year, Denver Post won for a combination of traditional and real-time live blog reporting.

    This year, Boston Globe won largely for it’s tick-tock real-time storytelling, with live blog front and centre.

    As storytelling evolves, so to does our approach to breaking news -- it hasn’t seen such a radical shift since Twitter arrived on the scene, but now live blogs are defacto for most newsrooms. How do we continue to evolve, and get better at producing this fairly new form of coverage?

    This session will cover:

    - Evolution of real-time coverage: It's evolved from an experimental form which many was seen as risky in early days, to one which has been globally embraced.

    - Workflow: How newsrooms might tranform (workflow/roles/planning) to tackle stories that break through the social clutter (and stand out amongst many outlets covering the same story.)

    - How they used technology to enable reporters and push their design.

    - Best practices/lessons from the field.

    The session-specific hashtag is #CAJLIVE
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